Volunteer/Advocate: Iconic Bostwick Building at Crossroads

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UPDATE 11/20/13: At last night’s LUZ hearing, the Council voted unanimously on both measures: 1st, the Bostwick Building was given historic landmark status, and 2nd, the request by the building’s current owners to demolish the building was denied. 

In the vision Target of Distinctive Neighborhoods and Urban Heart, we envisioned a Jacksonville that establishes the Downtown core as the standard of quality and aesthetic vibrancy to give a unique identity to our city.

Here is a way to get directly connected to action with the opportunity to advocate in the fate of the historic Bostwick building at the corner of Ocean and Bay Streets.

lrg-2641-p1040944From DVI’s Terry Lorince: After more than a year of deferrals, the appeal of the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission’s (JHPC) denial of a demolition permit for the Guaranty Trust and Savings Building, commonly known as the Bostwick Building, will be heard by the Land Use and Zoning Committee at its November 19th , 5pm meeting.  Also before this committee is the JHPC’s recommendation that this building be designated as a local historic landmark.

DVI urges this committee to uphold the JHPC’s recommendation that this significant Downtown building not be demolished, and approve its recommendation to grant it the protections and incentives of a local historic landmark.

bostwick2-1_zpsae459162This process has been on hold for over a year, during which time there have been at least two offers on the building and one contract for sale that fell through.   This building is one of the few remaining reminders of Jacksonville’s past as the financial center of the Southeast and is located at one of the gateways to Downtown on one of the most intact blocks of historic buildings.   DVI encourages the Land Use and Zoning Committee to preserve this important building and maintain the architectural integrity of this block by rejecting the appeal of JHPC’s denial of demolition permit (RES 2012-657) and approving the JHPC’s recommendation that the Guaranty Trust and Savings Building be designated a local landmark (ORD 2013-720), which would make a number of financial incentives for restoration available.

Please make your voice heard TODAY!

Read more from Ashley Kritzer in the Jacksonville Business Journal: Bostwick Building’s fate to be determined Tuesday night

Get Connected to Action: Please be advised that the City Council Land Use and Zoning Committee will be hearing the two items relating to the Bostwick Building at their meeting this evening at 5:00 pm.  This first item will be Res 2012-657, which is the owners’ appeal of the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission’s denial of their request for demolition permit.  The second item is Ord 2012-720, which is the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission’s (JHPC) recommendation that the Bostwick Building be granted local historic landmark status.  These items are first on the agenda.  If the owners’ appeal of the JHPC decision is approved by the LUZ, then a demolition permit will be granted.

Bostwick3Those who desire to help preserve this structure are urged to write the members of the LUZ committee, speak in opposition of the owners’ appeal, and share this information with fellow historic preservation supporters.

The members of the LUZ Committee and their email addresses are provided below:

Lori N. Boyer – Chair LBoyer@coj.net
Matt Schelllenberg – Vice Chair MattS@coj.net
William H. Bishop  WBishop@coj.net
Raymond E. Holt Holt@coj.net
Jim Love JimLove@coj.net
Robin Lumb RLumb@coj.net
R. Don Redman Redman@coj.net

The DVI Board approved a position statement on the protection of this building at its meeting in September 2012.  That position statement can be found at the following link:

(Information courtesy of www.MetroJacksonville.com)

Celebrate the Success

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