Seen at the Build It Zone…

Last week, the One Spark festival took over Downtown Jacksonville with an estimated total attendance of over 250,000. The JAX2025 Build It Zone was filled with energy as the crowds checked out our local creators, representing each of the 10 JAX2025 target areas. Unity Plaza and We Are Straight Allies presented amazing programming on the Build It Zone stage, with everything from Flagship Romance concerts to morning Yoga sessions. 

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Thank you to Harbinger Sign for the awesome sidewalk chalk stencil!

Build It Zone Special Events

Our seven creators have been working hard to make the Build It zone the place to be for One Spark. Check out our venue schedule below and join us right outside our venue for any or all of the fun.

Our venue is located at the Juice Gallery on the bottom floor of the Wells Fargo tower. Enter the Build It Zone from the corner of Laura St. and Bay St.

Wednesday April 9

3-3:30pm Creator Performance: Flagship Romance
4-6pm We Are Straight Allies: Gay Anthems – DJ



Thursday April 10

10:30-11:30am Unity Plaza: Qigong Class with Joel Timmons
11:30am-2:30pm Unity Plaza Programming (TBA)
2:30-2:45pm JAX2025
2:45-3pm Creator Pitch: Hour Electric Ride
3-3:15pm Creator Pitch: North Florida Land Trust
3:15-3:30pm Creator Pitch: Compassionate Families
3:30-3:45pm Creator Pitch: Spring Field Yoga
3:45-4pm Creator Pitch: We Are Straight Allies
4-4:15pm Creator Pitch: Unity Plaza
4:15-5pm Creator Performance: Flagship Romance
5:30-6:30pm Musical Performance: Mondo Mike & The Pro Boys
7-9pm Spoken Word with Al Letson



Friday April 11

10:30-11:30 Vinyasa Yoga Class
11:30am-3pm Unity Plaza Programming (TBA)
3-3:30pm Creator Performance: Flagship Romance
4-6pm Unity Plaza Pitch Party – Jau Anthony Terry & Chris Page (SA)
6-7pm Unity Plaza Pitch Party – Performance by Lu Rubino
7-9pm Poetry by Taryn Wharwood



Saturday April 12

10:30-11:30am Tai Chi Class with Joel Timmons
12-2pm Musical Performance: Rob Walker (VIBE)
1-2pm Springfield Yoga Collaborative: Guerilla Yoga
2-4pm Creator Performance: Flagship Romance
4-6pm Musical Performance: Anthony Anurca (Symphony)
6-8pm Unity Plaza Programming (TBA)
8-10pm Musical Performance: DJ Catharsis




Sunday April 13

11:30-11:45am Creator Pitch: Unity Plaza
11:45-12:15pm Creator Performance: Flagship Romance
12:15-2:30pm Unity Plaza Programming (TBA)

It’s One Spark Week- See you at the Build It Zone!


Grab your hardhats and work boots…ok not really…but get excited to join us at the Build It zone this week during One Spark. JAX2025 will be taking over the Juice Gallery on the bottom floor of the Wells Fargo tower to showcase 7 creator projects that represent our community’s shared vision for 2025.

We will be open during all of One Spark’s Creator Showcase hours listed below.

Wednesday, April 9:  11AM-6PM
Thursday, April 10:  11AM-10PM
Friday, April 11:  11AM-10PM
Saturday, April 12:  11AM-10PM
Sunday, April 13:  11AM-3PM

Our creators also have some pretty exciting extras lined up for attendees. Make sure to keep up with @jax2025 on Facebook and Twitter to see when you can join us for special performances and interactive programming from the Unity Plaza’s stage right outside our venue. 

Meet our Creators

OneSparkBuildItZoneBigSign copy

Compassionate Families

We Are Straight Allies

Flagship Romance- More Than Music

Jacksonville’s Emerald Necklace

Hour Electric Ride

Unity Plaza



Help our creators earn a chunk of the One Spark change. The beauty of a crowdfund, is that you have the power to distribute the funds. A simple vote for your favorite projects, translates into real dollars and real action. Register and learn how to vote here



Join us as a Venue Host for One Spark 2014. Click the button below to sign up for as many shifts as you’d like throughout the 5 days. From there you will be contacted from JAX2025 staff and receive a T-shirt to wear while on your shift. Join us as we have a little fun, highlight our visionaries and inspire the community to build our shared vision for 2025. Click here to sign up for a shift!


Head to to learn more about what to expect for the week. Also check out the event map and this update from Downtown Vision for details on road closures.


Generation W empowers women in Jacksonville and beyond.

ON TARGET: People Matter


GENERATION W will return to Jacksonville, Florida with its third annual event that will bring together leaders and experts from around the country for a day of education, inspiration and connection for women.

GENERATION W is a platform built on a belief that when people, especially women, come together, magic happens. The platform consists of 3 dynamically intertwined experiential elements, Generation W, Generation Wow and soon to be announced Generation Works, that are designed to work together to create action in both thought and deed.genw The purpose is to educate, to inspire and to connect. Launched in 2011, Generation W, the experience, was met with enthusiasm and results, as the insights from over 30 national and local experts infused the attendees with new ideas and opportunities for education, inspiration and connection. Generation W has grown 40% year over year and the third edition is eagerly anticipated on April 4, 2014.

The 2014 program with the theme of Imagine The Possible is about showcasing and inspiring thought leadership that will move people to improve their lives and communities. It will be held on April 3-4, 2014 at the Lazzara Performing Arts Center at The University of North Florida. Women from across the country will take part
and contribute their experiences and expertise on a wide range of resonant topics in a dynamic and entertaining format.

Connect to action by checking out the line up of events and speakers on the Generation W website. Need more information? Get in touch with the Generation W team.

Lower your utility costs with this free kit from JEA and the Green Team Project

ON TARGET: Environment


Constantly adjusting the thermostat?  Want to find ways to lower your energy bill?  See your water bill and wonder where all that water goes? 

The Green Team Project has partnered with JEA to create the Home Energy & Water Evaluation Backpack Kit. This kit can show you how to make your home more comfortable while also lowering your monthly utility costs. It’s fun, easy to use, and available for checkout free of charge to anyone with a Public Library Card in Jacksonville, St. Johns County, and Nassau County.

The kit is ‘all-inclusive’, so there’s no need to worry about having the right tools or equipment. Everything you will need is provided, including:

  • A step-by-step audit guide and worksheets to perform the evaluations
  • An infrared thermometer
  • 3 Kill A Watt™ meters
  • A Hygro-Thermometer to measure temperature and humidity
  • 5 Catch Cans to test your irrigation system’s efficiency
  • A CD full of JEA’s energy and water fact sheets
  • A water flow bag
  • A drip gauge- helps calculate the cost of a leak
  • Consumer Reports’ Complete Guide to Reducing Energy Costs
  • Ortho’s All About Sprinklers & Drip Systems
  • And more!

The Green Team Project will host a one-hour workshop where they will train attendees on how to use the kits in their homes. The workshop for Jacksonville library cardholders will be on March 8, 2014 from 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. at the Jacksonville Public Library Regency Branch, in Community Room A.  Backpacks will be available at this workshop for checkout.

Want the nice folks at The Green Team Project to come to you? They will present workshops free of charge for Homeowner’s Associations, PTA/PTO groups, non-profits, or religious organizations. Call (904) 348-0718 to schedule a workshop in your area.

If you have any questions email Carrie-Lynn Black, Green Team Project NE FL Program Coordinator or call (904) 348-0718.

Connect to action by visiting your local Jacksonville library and picking up your Home Energy & Water Evaluation Backpack Kit. If you would like to learn how to use this kit to make your house more comfortable and energy efficient, consider attending The Green Team Project’s workshop on March 8. For more information, email Carrie-Lynn Black or call (904) 348-0718

The Volstead brings the prohibition speakeasy back to life in Actionville

ON TARGET: Downtown & Neighborhoods


“There has been a recent water change in the world of nightclubs, with a sudden preference for laid back, shabby genteel establishments with a nod to history. The Volstead is likely the most lovely of the new crop thus far, located on Adams Street downtown.” -Stephen Dare, Metro Jacksonville


“Above the tables, graphics of prohibition era figures set a pretty great mood. The bar is also smoke free and conversational, and as a result, its pretty amazing how many smart chatty people have been showing up.” Credit: Stephen Dare, Metro Jacksonville

From The Volstead’s website: 

“The Volstead” gets its name from The Volstead Act, which enacted Prohibition in the United States in late 1919. The act was later repealed in 1933, but the era would forever leave its mark on history. Some of histories most colorful personalities were players in bootlegging operations, and to this day bars still carry on

Jacksonville Florida pre-prohibition was a beautiful, bustling city where people came to achieve their dreams; designed to be the original site of Hollywood where the stars and starlets of the era came to spend their time.

As the decade progressed the nation fell on hard times, Congressman Andrew Volstead chalked up the bill to eradicate the production and sale of liquor throughout the United States. As liquor became more scarece, people became craftier in finding ways to get hooch into the country. Due to the prime waterfront property, Jacksonville became the hub for transactions during thus time. Top bootleggers such as William “The Real” McCoy operated out of The River City.

The Volstead is striving to revive this time of elegance and intimacy as well as bring back the art of classic cocktails.

Connect to action by learning more about Jacksonville’s prohibition history from Metro Jacksonville. If The Volstead sounds like your glass of bourbon, check out their website to get more information on hours and events. Want more information on nightlife in the Urban  Core? Downtown Is On Fire has you covered. While you’re out, don’t forget to tag your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts with #actionville.

ArtWorks for Freedom uses art and educational events to fight human trafficking

ON TARGET: People Matter


Background: Human trafficking is the trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others, or for the extraction of organs or tissues.  

In August 2013, Crystal Freed assembled a group of powerful “Jacksonvillians” at her Mandarin home.   The goal — to create and financially support a campaign using the arts to raise awareness of human trafficking across Jacksonville, a multi-event approach that had never been done in the United States. The members of this “brain trust” were the who’s who from our city’s business, NGO, government and arts communities. The time horizon — two years. 25a0660bf17bddd3e670624a7163e1ac

But that was before Sarah Symons, author and founder of Made by Survivorsintroduced Crystal to Kay Chernush, a photographer and the founder/director of ArtWorks for Freedom.  The kind of arts portfolio that Crystal sought to create was already available.  Kay had been photographing human trafficking around the world and established ArtWorks for Freedom, a nonprofit organization that deploys many forms of art — photography, film, theatre, dance, painting and speakers of worldwide acclaim — to catalyze a popular movement fighting to end human trafficking and modern slavery.

Together they crafted an innovative campaign for the city of Jacksonville. Kay handled the artistic side and Crystal, the local and business side.  Joined by Lawanda Ravoira of the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center and the Florida Coastal School of Law Foundation, ArtWorks for Freedom JAX has become a reality.



The series of events began on January 23rd, 2014 and will continue until February 28th, 2014. On Friday, February 21st, at 6 p.m. UNF will host an event featuring a lecture with Benjamin Skinner, author of A Crime So Monstrous and Survivor Talk with Katariina Rosenblatt. Beth Cravey with The Florida Times-Union wrote a blog discussing this event in greater detail.

Connect to action by learning more about ArtWorks for Freedom JAX: check out the full schedule of events and follow them on twitter. For more information, visit the ArtWorks for Freedom website.

If you would like to support this cause further, consider joining Voices for Florida Girls and and advocating for the protection and continued implementation of the Safe Harbor Act.